QuadraTherm 640i Delivers The Data

The Pinnacle of Performance 

Everything You Need

For For engineers striving to meet EPA regulations like Quad O and reduce EPA emissions fines, accurate flow measurement is critical. QuadraTherm with qMix is like no other thermal flow meter on the market. It delivers the data you need for smarter decisions, with unmatched accuracy.

Highest Accuracy

Achieve the highest flow meter accuracy (+/- 0.5% of reading)

100% Field Configurable

Change gases & compositions, add multiple full scales, and adjust pipe size

User-Friendly Software

Use qMix software to easily create single gases or gas mixes in the field and retain accuracy.  No recalibration needed.


Learn 5 Ways You Can Revolutionize Your Process

Discover how QuadraTherm can help make you smarter and dramatically improve process efficiency.

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